Arcana Barcelona

The online store of tarots and oracles created by independent artists from all over the world.

We know

that you are a unique person and that traditional tarots may not represent you. That's why Arcana brings you closer to unique artists with new visions of the tarot. Here you will find a safe space for all kinds of lifestyles, cultures, sexualities and gender identities.

We live

in a fast-paced society, with many rushes and few pauses. This is a space for you to take your time to research, discover and share.

in a liquid age, full of uncertainty, with many ideas and very few resources. We give voice to artists who have invested in self-publishing their own work and who lead us to explore our spirituality in a deep, authentic and kind way.

We want

to deconstruct the image of the tarot to bring it closer to you.

a greater representation of LGBTIQ+ and BIPOC collectives.

the artists to be recognized and rewarded for their work.

a more sustainable society. Always trying to improve and be in favor of the planet we inhabit.

We offer you

an online store where you can find exclusive tarot decks and oracles from independent artists from all over the world.

a meeting place where you can enjoy events, workshops and discussions between artists and the general public about creativity, spirituality and tarot in today's life for the development of our society.


About the founder

Hi, I'm Laia!

How did it all start? Well, I'm a stage director graduated from the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona. During my bachelor's degree I had the opportunity to study at the Theatre Academy of Uniarts Helsinki where I was able to understand and learn more about the ritualistic origin of the theatre. This experience inspired my theoretical research project on the concept of Ritualistic Performance, during the process I learned and connected with different cultures, and came to the conclusion that spirituality is like hunger: a need that all human beings have.

The seed had been planted! While working in parallel as a stage director and playwright, I began to feel the need to deepen my relationship with the tarot. My first indie deck was The Gentle Tarot by Mari in the Sky. I remember that when I held it in my hands I was very excited because I felt intensely connected to that deck. Then, others came along with which I also felt represented and I started collecting them. The feeling is the same as having many friends and loving them all equally, but, depending on the moment in which you are, you feel more like meeting with one or another, because you know that one will listen to you and another will take you to a party in an unforgettable night, in the same way, there is not only a deck suitable for each person but also for each moment.

I founded Arcana Barcelona from the love and the will to spread and share the work of the artists with all of you. It's a project full of feminine energy, understanding and care, but at the same time it's a project that crosses thresholds and breaks with the preconceived ideas of tarot. Arcana is an act of understanding and care for myself and from me to you. A safe space for exploration and growth.

Thank you for having made it this far. Come in, take your time and, above all, enjoy yourselves.