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Irreverent, disrespectful and terribly irresistible: Arcane Bullshit is exactly what it seems, an oracle that dismantles the classic principles of divination and magic, with a lot of black humor and the art of "WTF!?". A raptor riding a dolphin in the space, a skeleton eating a banana, a woman breastfeeding a VCR: you may think these cards are weird and meaningless, but... what if they made sense?

The creator is anonymous and Arcane Bullshit might seem like a joke, but it's not. The deck was created more than a decade ago as a personal project: at that time it only had 20 cards, its author cut them completely by hand and it wasn't until later that he decided it could be something more. Starting with a Kickstarter campaign, the deck raised $80,000 in just one month and was able to be developed with the support of its community of followers. Arcane Bullshit is not meaningless art, perhaps quite the opposite: it wants to be a constant encouragement to have fun discovering its explosion of mordant "post-magic" ideas and incredibly honest in the representation of our fears and desires. Because in this world there is nothing more serious than humor.

  • 106 cards measuring 7 cm x 12 cm in matte finish.
  • It comes with a 48 page guidebook.

Cards and guidebook in English.

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