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You don't have to be an expert in herbology to appreciate Dirt Gems Oracle by Chelsea Granger and Anne Louise Burdett. Exotic flowers, medicinal plants and alchemical elements make up revealing and stimulating codes. An ideal tool for anyone who wants to explore the world of magic with plants, it includes a guide with an exciting and detailed study on the mystery of each species represented. All that a plant can evoke (its use in history, the meaning of its name, its appearance, etc.) is potentially infinite and can lead to thousands of relations and associations.

Chelsea Granger is an artist and illustrator, also a member of the artist collective The Royal Frog Ballet and a collaborator in Thyme Herbal. While Anne Louise Burdett is a medicinal herb farmer, sex educator and sexual health and trauma counselor, as well as a dancer. The two creators of Dirt Gems Oracle, launched in 2019, came together to create an oracle that would be a tool to connect us with the planet we live on and seek an answer in a time of distress and disorientation. In the end, not everything is magic: for Chelsea and Anne, the answer lies in remembering that we are part of everything, that we are made of everything, that we are whole and that we are enough.

  • 65 cards measuring 7 cm x 12 cm in matte finish and golden edges.
  • It includes a guidebook of 165 pages measuring 12 x 19 cm.

Cards and guidebook in English.

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