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Artists Linnea Gits and Peter Dunham present a tarot worked entirely by hand with traditional oils and a Renaissance style to create the magnificent Pagan Otherworlds. However, they break tradition in a bold yet competent way, introducing a new Major Arcana ("The Seeker") and five "Moon Cards." Luminous, full of mystery, this Uusi deck redefines the Western Tarot, reshapes its iconography and offers a timeless vision that we invite you to discover.

The book Notes From The Pagan Otherworlds is sold separately.

Uusi is the brainchild of artists and designers Peter Dunham and Linnea Gits, a project that brings together different disciplines and studies. A love of everyday craftsmanship, visual arts, philosophy and the search for the playful side of the human experience are some of the fulcrums of Uusi's activity, which collaborates with family businesses throughout the United States to create all kinds of artistic and handcrafted items. Uusi decks fully represent the curiosity of their founders, their needs and their research, and complete the world Tarot panorama in a unique and fresh way.

  • 6th Edition
  • 78 cards measuring 7.5 cm x 13 cm printed on high quality linen-finish card stock.
  • Also includes a 23rd Major Arcana card exclusive to the Uusi Tarot "The Seeker" with infinity symbol and 5 "Moon Cards" with silver holographic finish.
  • Tarot printed by The Expert Playing Card Company New York, NY

Cards in English.

Photo credits: Uusi

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