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The most portable version of the famous Mari in the Sky deck! The author has created The Gentle Tarot: Pocket Edition inspired by the classic tin lunch box, a compact and practical case to carry this tarot anywhere, even on trips where everything you need has to fit in a backpack. The cards in this version are smaller, but retain all the colors and details of its big sister, a tarot dedicated to the vast Alaskan landscapes and its environmental message.

Mariza Ryce Aparicio-Tovar, artist name Mari in the Sky, is an Alaskan artist and illustrator. Her art is inspired by nature and the heritage of the ancient natives of her land, but also by her personal history and "indigenous spirituality". The creation of The Gentle Tarot represents the ultimate expression of her research, where peace, attention to mental health and connection to nature are the main cardinal points for both the artist and the reader. For Mari in the Sky, there is nothing more interrelated than the well-being of the human being (mind and body) and the ecosystem: taking care of one has beneficial effects on the other. Working outdoors, counting salmon in the Alaskan reservoirs, she had the opportunity to fully experience her relationship with the landscape and find the necessary inspiration for the creation of this tarot deck, translating her vision into a tangible and universal masterpiece.

Mari in the Sky donates 5% of the proceeds from this deck to environmental conservation and advocacy efforts.

  • 80 cards measuring 6 cm x 8.5 cm in matte finish and golden edges printed on 300 g/m² card stock.
  • The Major Arcana include a 23rd card entitled "The Unseen" and two cards of "The Lovers", one human and one non-human option.
  • You will be able to access to a PDF guidebook via the QR code that you will find behind the limited edition sticker sheet inside the tin box.

Cards and guidebook in English.

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