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The acclaimed Lilifer Tarot by Marion Costentin wants to open the doors to the purest freedom. To be everything or to be nothing, to rest in the darkness or to come out into the light: everything is possible, everything is fair, because everything is part of your experience. This deck is inspired by the early tarot decks, borrowing the structure of the Tarot de Marseille and the implicit narrative of the White-Smith, but without renouncing its rebellious, colorful and deeply democratic soul. An artistic and spiritual manifesto of the art of Tarot today that invites us to love and not to be afraid of a world without granitic truths or pre-established "straight paths" to pursue.

Marion Costentin, founder of the independent publisher Little Darkness, is a French artist and creator based in California. Emotional exploration and trauma healing are central elements of her work. The purpose of decks such as Lilifer Tarot and Reclaim Oracle or parallel products such as the creative Reclaim Journal is to create tools for conscious self-empowerment, but also for playing, so that any kind of journey into our own vulnerability is an opportunity we can seize without fear. From her own personal experience and self-taught studies, Marion opens the doors to a dark and unusual world, where our humanity is always in the foreground.

  • 80 cards measuring 7 cm x 11 cm printed on 300 g/m² card stock that features 22 major arcana, 56 minor arcana + 2 extra cards, "Lilith" and "Lucifer".
  • It includes a 72-page booklet.
  • Printed on FSC certified paper with ecological soy-based inks.

Cards and booklet in English.

Photo credits: Little Darkness

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