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Created in a time of grief and need for transformative strength, The Lioness Oracle Tarot by Alejandra León is both a deck and an example of intimate and evocative art. Castles, flowers, nebulas in the cosmos and jungle animals: her collages made with cut-out paper images tell us universal stories of great popularity, also published in the prestigious book Tarot of TASCHEN’s Library of Esoterica.

Alejandra León, Sun in Leo, a native Ecuadorian living in the United States, is a visual artist. After the unexpected death of her brother and the passing of her father two years later, Alejandra experienced a transformative change through art, using grief as a force to give new meaning to her own reality. Thus was born The Lioness Oracle Tarot and, in a second moment, also The Stars Divine Oracle and Vision of the Muse Oracle. With her collage art technique, Alejandra was able to express her world and her vision with everything she loves. The felines, flowers, and galaxies that you will see in her work are cut out images that are composed to give a universal and revealing sense. It is a case in which the work of an artist speaks intimately with the observer, in a relationship of communion and healing.

  • 78 cards measuring 89 mm x 127 mm with matte finish and golden edges.
  • Printed on 400 g/m² card stock.
  • Includes a 94-page guidebook.

Cards and guidebook in English.

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