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The original Nicolas Conver deck was printed in 1760 in Marseille. It is believed that this version was used especially for divination since it contained ancient and esoteric knowledge. This Artisan Tarot restoration reproduces Nicolas Conver's design, while preserving the original style and French language. It includes two extra cards with information in English.

Artisan Tarot was founded in 2019 by William Rader, an entrepreneur and reader, and Krisztin Kondor, graduated in Product and Graphic Design at the University of Sopron. Their mission is to promote classic tarot among modern readers by restoring and recreating historical decks in an elegant and inspiring way. Artisan Tarot is a young brand with unique products: the Nicolas Conver Tarot and the Jean Noblet Tarot were released in 2021, while the Jean Dodal Tarot and the Jacques Vieville Tarot were released in 2022.

  • 78 cards (7 cm x 10 cm) printed on 310 g/m² card stock.
  • Long lasting linen finish for easy shuffling.
  • Sturdy, elegant box with the card back design printed on the outside.
  • Printed in the USA

Photo credits: Artisan Tarot

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