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In The Oracle of Awakening there are no limits or boundaries, only infinite possibilities. Lalania Simone's work of exploration of human culture, already begun with the Tarot of the Cosmic Seed, continues with the creation of this powerful oracle, which represents as never before an occasion to meditate and reflect, but also to question and be provoked. He overturns the status quo with a work that explores the potential of the "divine manifestation of life", with courage and sincerity, and reveals his 44 cards that portray people, animals, plants and spiritual symbologies, accompanied by short inspirational phrases.

Lalania Simone Carrillo is a mystic artist "born in the cosmos and raised by the streets", as she says. Her mother is Mexican and her father Puerto Rican, but she descends from fifteen different regions of the world: this rainbow of different histories and heritages motivates Lalania to investigate the common root in the heterogeneity of the human being. We are all part of something common, without distinction of ethnicity: her art reflects this conclusion and the Tarot of the Cosmic Seed is a perfect example of compositions and narratives in perfect harmony.

  • 44 cards with holographic edges in magenta.
  • Includes a guidebook with the meanings of the cards.

Cards and guidebook in English.

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