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Not everything that hides is forbidden. Not everything that does not speak does not communicate. The strange silence of The Somnia Tarot by Nicolas Bruno speaks to us of an art that embraces the world of dreams and nocturnal paralysis, a deck where photographic composition, sculpture and costume design give life to postcards and portraits of a vibrant and extremely sincere world. The meaning of each card is whispered, leaving you with the pleasure and mystery of decoding the symbologies of a work inspired by the classic Rider-Waite-Smith and the Jungian archetypes that has never before been seen in the world of Tarot.

The Somnia Tarot Companion Book and The Signature Tarot Cloth are sold separately.

Nicolas Bruno grew up in a Greek Orthodox family, an environment where superstition and tradition have been present since his childhood. His fascination with his great-grandmother's tarot led him to a natural curiosity towards the world of esotericism and the irrational. Today, his art is strongly expressed with The Somnia Tarot, but also in his work as a photographer (graduated in Photography at the Purchase College of New York in 2015). Currently, Nicolas also gives public lectures to spread the knowledge of sleep paralysis and promotes art therapy among students around the world. A fascinating artist that we recommend you to follow closely.

  • 78 cards of 7.6 cm x 12.7 cm printed on 400 g/m² cardstock.
  • Includes an informative booklet with the cards descriptions.

Cards and booklet in English.

Photo credits: Nicolas Bruno

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