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Each animal has a secret enchantment, a message to help us read our needs and create our opportunities. Entering Faina Lorah's Wild Whiskers Oracle awakens delicate, childlike memories, like opening a book of fairy tales. Identifying with her archetypes comes naturally to us: her animals, drawn according to the art and folklore of Slavic culture, speak to us of very human qualities; in a perfect encounter between real worlds and inner worlds.

The Russian-born illustrator Faina Lorah proposes a traditional yet modern touch in all her art, working with various techniques and sources of inspiration. For the Wild Whiskers Oracle, the artist has been inspired by palekh miniatures, a style of illustration characterized by figures of people, saints, animals or fantastic creatures on black backgrounds, typically depicted on lacquered craft objects, such as jewelry boxes and plates. Faina's style finds its roots in the history of his country, while proposing a familiar and light oracle.

  • 60 cards measuring 7 cm x 12 cm with matte black edges.
  • Includes a booklet with additional meanings of the cards.

Cards and booklet in English.

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