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Like the mind and the spirit, the body also needs our attention. Your Wise Animal Body is an invitation from Devany Amber Wolfe (Serpentfire) to stop and listen to our body's reactions to every event in our lives. Stress, responsibilities, trauma, even the most imperceptible discomforts of our neoliberal age: everything passes through our nervous system without us even realizing it, and this deck is born as a tool to help us interpret and track the signals from our "animal body". Also, it comes with a guide included and a journal for an even deeper and more conscious journey.

This oracle is a perfect gift for anyone suffering from depression or anxiety, but is also suitable for any type of therapist, therapy center, yoga studios or schools.

Visual artist, philosopher, writer and animal lover, Devany Amber Wolfe has experimented all her youth with different art forms until reaching her peculiar sci-fi style inspired by her dreams. In 2014 she creates the famous Serpentfire Tarot, with which she lays the foundations of all her production, between science fiction, eroticism and magic. In 2016 she creates She Wolfe Tarot, which portrays models of all ethnicities and ages in a collage of inclusive and human stories. Among her other creations we can find the Celestial Bodies Oracle for astrology lovers, and Your Wise Animal Body, a different deck focused on understanding the impulses of our body.

  • 37 cards measuring 8.9 cm x 12.2 cm with lavender rose edges.
  • It includes a deck size guidebook and a hardcover journal with daily questions for keeping track to detect patterns and habits.

Cards, journal and guidebook in English.

Photo credits: Devany Amber Wolfe

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